Unlikely Hero- Just in Time Advising

As advisors kick off the new semester and conversations turn to goals, this penguin video clip is rich with potential for social/emotional lessons.

Size of audience: large or small

Lesson length: short (video clip and discussion)

Connections: how you support someone, strength in numbers, bullying and bystander connections, unlikely leaders, and more.

One key question for your kiddo’s is: What can we learn from these penguins?

Couldn’t all adults use…”Life advice from teens who are changing the world.”

Calling all Middle Level Educators: Take a breeze through this BBC piece that spotlights some amazing kids who are changing the world. The quotes support progressive educational movements like growth mindset, empowered youth leadership and student agency. As the Parkland students movement demonstrated to the world, our kids can be poised, articulate and work to improve the world.

Burger King Bullying Ad Lesson: Just in Time Advising

The above Burger King bullying ad gives us a “Just in Time” opportunity to address bullying and the role of bystanders in either a large or small group lesson. Here are two short, easy lessons that anyone can lead:

Large Group Audience (think Grade Level or Division) Minimum 7 minutes

    1. Introduce the Burger King Bullying Ad that has gone viral and ask the audience to look for one phrase, image, or word that resonates with them. (1 min)
    2. Watch the video (3 min)
    3. Ask students to turn and talk for 1 minute with a neighbor. During this time each person share the selected phrase, image or word and why it was selected. (1 min)
    4. Optional: Ask for some students to share
    5. Pose challenge questions to audience to think about the bystander role (Pause). Then ask the following questions.  What role can each of us play as a bystander? What do you hope someone would do for you? (1 min)
    6. Positive Wrap-up. Acknowledge heavy and hurtful topic. Highlight opportunity to be the change. High five your partner. (1 min)

Small Group Audience (think Advisory or Homeroom) Minimum 15 minutes

    1. Introduce the Burger King Bullying Ad that has gone viral. Ask the students to watch it without comment or talking. (4 min)
    2. Introduce rewatching the video to Connect: Ask students to listen and look for a personal connection. One possible frame is: This video reminds me of _______?  Share paper for students to write down thinking. (5 min)
    3. After rewatching the video and think time move into small group share: break students into pairs or trios to share their connection. (2 min)
    4. Introduce Extend: Ask students to think and jot down how their thinking has shifted, deepened or moved ahead because of what someone shared. One idea frame is: This video added to my thinking because______. (2 min) Share if desired.
    5. Introduce Challenge: Ask students what challenges in your school come to mind about the topic of bullying or being a bystander? What is a possible personal next step? Share ideas out loud or on sticky notes to document thinking (students read each idea quietly) (1-2 min)
    6. Positive Wrap-up. Acknowledge heavy and hurtful topic. Highlight opportunity to be the change right now. Share something positive about your partner(s). (1-2 min)

Ideas for this lesson came from the book: Making Thinking Visible by Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church and Karin Morrison and the “Connect-Extend-Challenge” thinking routine.