You can take the girl out of the country, but not the country out of the girl! Having grown up in a rural Wisconsin town and having lived overseas for 20 years, this statement describes me well. My small town roots and the stability of my childhood family encouraged a greater exploration of the world and thoughts about the positive impact I can have in the world. For me, this is supporting students as they grow and supporting teachers in the classroom to create the best learning experience possible.

A fundamental belief that children can improve our world led me down the natural path of working and learning with kids. Hoping to help students be the best people they can be and find a sense of balance in their world has motivated me as I have moved from teacher to principal. I am an educator who believes that all questions about school should come back to “is this best for students?” Becoming a principal has allowed me to support students through my work with teachers and creating the most supportive and curiosity-building school experience possible.