The Fascinating Science of How Trees Communicate, Animated – Brain Pickings

If you are thinking deeply about communication, collaboration or the environment, then you are sure to take away some good pieces from this post on “brainpickings.” Maria Popova delves into and shares many great resources through the post: The Fascinating Science of How Trees Communicate, Animated. For me, the communication and collaboration of what happens among trees underground is especially relevant. I see a metaphor in the secret and little understood support and connections between the trees and how a school culture works. The symbiotic webs that support and nurture are present in both and often unseen and not understood. In a school, I have heard the phrase that it’s a spirit, feeling, and/or intangible quality. And, while it might be hard to hold this piece in your hand, the communication and collaboration is real and present sharing, creating and supporting the whole network. Whether a forest or a school, the connections, relationships and care we take with each other benefits the greater ecosystem. Take a minute to listen to Suzanne Simard, the TED Talk linked in the post, about how it all works and to hear some recommendations for how we can better understand and help our forests and maybe take away some ideas of how we can better take care of each other.

“Trees are the foundation of forests, but a forest is much more than what you see.”

Source: The Fascinating Science of How Trees Communicate, Animated – Brain Pickings

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