Angry Customers Don’t Want an Apology

There are a lot of similarities between an angry customer and an angry student/parent/colleague.  This article answers the question, what is the best way to move forward when anger happens, and breaks down next steps into a pretty simple structure of 3 phases after the initial empathy.

Initial empathy: I am sorry….

Phase 1: Sensing: ask questions to try and understand the issue

Phase 2: Seeking: brainstorm and explore potential solutions

Phase 3: Settling: working with the person to choose the solution that will provide the best outcome.

My two cents, it is important to demonstrate that how the person is feeling matters to you. Be sincere and attentive.

Source: Angry Customers Don’t Want an Apology

Carol Dweck does it again! Watch/ use this RSA Animate to help remind or educate yourself about helping students reach their greatest potential.